Thursday, November 24, 2011

All for women!

This post may sound odd, but anyway im writting what im thinking.

Lately, all what the westrens are talking about is the "libyan women", ok i can understand that, but some how its becoming too much till it feels weird and susppicious. I mean is allthis intrest in women???!!! Aked fe 7aja warah.

Im a woman, and yes we need support but ive been in situations where i feel like there is something not right about all the women empowerment thingy!

Maybe im wrong, but its how i feel,,,, plz feel free to disagree :)

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

what a feeling! It cant be described in words.....

عاشت ليبيا حره
Long live Free Libya

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Strange feelings, feeling of happiness that Libya would be free soon, feeling of guilt that i wasnt a real fighter in this war, feeling of satisfaction, that i did what i can and was allowed to do.

Mixed feelings!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Libyan Revolution journals - through my experience

let's start from the beginning, let's start from the Tunisian that stage, we were like what's going on,,the concept of revolting in the Arab world was not common in our age, even protests were not allowed to take that huge effect, but i remember the day Ben Ali fled the country, we had my extended family over, and we couldnt believe that it is really happenning, that the people finally had a voice , and they really made him run out of the country, it was a great day for the freedom in the whole Arab world.

Then after that, came the Egyptian e3tesam in Tahreer square, this time we really believed that they can do it, if the Tunisians could, then the Egyptians can!....i remember we had AlJazeera Mubasher on all the time, even at work ( even our bosses were following it, LOL), we couldn't stop watching and cheering.....I remember there was a joke been told about us libyans at that time, the joke was : Tunisian telling Libyans to lay down so they can see the real men, the Egyptions.

to be continued

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Libya, the 17 Feb revolution and what's in between

its been ages since i blogged or posted anything on the web except for the facebook/twitter status updates....but since the revolution that we've been going through in the last six months ive been thinking to write again, but every time i open the page i get stuck! and how cant i be?! cause what has been going on in Libya, in my beloved country got us all stuck.

ive been through stuff ive never thought i
would experience.

But its time to start writing again