Saturday, March 14, 2009

Not knowing what to say

This happens alot to me, where i get caught up in situation where i don't know what to say or how to act, even though i know exactly what should be said or done, i just feel like i need to do more!.

my best friend's step mother had just died, she had cancer, who is his aunt in the same time.... and when i heard the news, i just got stuck,,,, what should i do now, what can i say to make it better for him, nothing i guess, but i know i wanna be there for him, but it's just hard.

he lost his mother to cancer years ago, and now his step mother,, it's hard for him and he's not the kind of people who shows his emotions,,, it's just hard!

God bless her soul and help him and his family getting through all this.


Meme said...

well first of all condolences
it's not always about talking or saying the right things specially in these situations...sometimes just being there-even with out saying a word- for your friend and by letting him know that you're totally feeling for him and supporting him is more than enough...

on the edge said...

Just be there for him . That's all that counts .