Monday, September 21, 2009

My Fav ICE CREAM --- Haagen Dazs

My life would be so much brighter if they had a shop opened here in Tripoli..... it would be a DREAM come true :))

*those pictures were taken last May during my trip to Amsterdam


on the edge said...

There is a pretty good place in Ben Ashur that has sherbet , yummy !

Meme said...

haagn dazs ahhhhhhhh my favourite as well!!!
BTW where's exactly this place OTE talking about??

Lebeeya said...

I LOVE Haagen Dazs! I think I gained a kilo just looking at the yummy pictures.

DARKanis said...

yummy yummy !!! i eat it before, when i'm fly to china on qatar air ways, and the hostess she told me you're finished ice cream"!
and was happy that day
So, can you invite me to have ice cream :)!!!

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