Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Libyan Revolution journals - through my experience

let's start from the beginning, let's start from the Tunisian that stage, we were like what's going on,,the concept of revolting in the Arab world was not common in our age, even protests were not allowed to take that huge effect, but i remember the day Ben Ali fled the country, we had my extended family over, and we couldnt believe that it is really happenning, that the people finally had a voice , and they really made him run out of the country, it was a great day for the freedom in the whole Arab world.

Then after that, came the Egyptian e3tesam in Tahreer square, this time we really believed that they can do it, if the Tunisians could, then the Egyptians can!....i remember we had AlJazeera Mubasher on all the time, even at work ( even our bosses were following it, LOL), we couldn't stop watching and cheering.....I remember there was a joke been told about us libyans at that time, the joke was : Tunisian telling Libyans to lay down so they can see the real men, the Egyptions.

to be continued