Monday, August 25, 2008

Changing Careers

I am at a point where i consider changing my career..... this didn't happen between a day and a night, I've been thinking about this possibility for months now, but i didn't take any serious step toward it.

but lately I've been contacted by one of the other departments at my company if i want to change my career and join their first i was like, emm this is a big change, i need to think it through, but come on till when I'm going to think everything through till the chance disappears.

but here is the situation, my current career is technical, and I've been doing it for 3 yrs now, and the other one is administrative.... why did i start thinking about changing my career is because as a girl in this field i don't have lots of option and i can't grow as fast as the guys, cuz all the work will go to the guys as well as the training.

I'm still not sure if i should take the step or not...hopefully all will be clear in the next few days!

wish me luck!


WEDA said...

really itcan be good but tey 2 think alot b4 u leave urs,,,,raby luck

abdullah SH said...

Wht can i say !! My 1st comment here & find post like ths ... Decide carrer of som1 ... I cant mch help u bt realy we support n evry decision u take ... Wish 2 u d best ... Salam

NAS said...

I say go for it! If it has a better salary obviously..... I say Inshallah Kher with whatever decision you make.

I hope Allah leads me to a good future... I really want to find a decent job with a decent pay...