Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chinese in Tripoli

Today i was craving some noodles ... so me and one of my friends (I'll be calling her S) decided to go out for lunch, and we decided to try out the new Chinese Restaurant in Gergaresh ( of course it was my idea, and surprisingly i didn't spend much time on convincing her..... well, she hates anything oriental, or we can say used to hate;) ).

anyway, we got out of work at 12, we spent around 30 min driving through the heavily busy Geragrish streets, we arrived at 12:30. The Place was nice, it's next to Ezmair Restaurant, and it's Called the New Chinese Restaurant, and for my surprise all the crew were all Chinese!! and they barely speak good English,,,, me and S had to guess some of the words they were saying , but i can say that the place was nice and the people there were nice.

they have normal menus and menus with pictures for people who aren't familiar with Chinese menu, i found that helpful.

the prices weren't that expensive but not that cheap as well.

We had a great time there.

Note: our boss must have been upset today, since both of us ( moi and S) were out for 2 hours instead of the one hour break :S...but SHHHH, don't tell anyone!