Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Can we women ever understand Guys???

I really don't know the answer to this question, sometimes it feels like we come from different planets!

guys these days want to get married to women who don't work, who don't drive and stay at home, and i respect that ,,, at the end, everyone knows what he/she can live with and can't live without....but what really pisses me off ( mind my language) is, he gets engaged to someone who stays at home, with no connection to the outer world and in the same time he wants to be friends with female collogues!

This is what I call double standards, or I’m not sure what it should be called!

When I say friends, I don't mean the normal co-workers relationship of respect, i mean like real friends,.

Really, I don't get you guys!


Nasimlibya said...

عظمة ع عظمة يا ست
لالالالالا وينك وينك من زمان ههههه وحدة ع اساس قلبها معبي ولقت حاجة

ياعزيزتي هذا التناقض
اللي عايشه شبابنا ف مثل للاسف يتسعمل فيه البعض للدلالة ع شئ مليشي علاقة بس يوضح التناقض
حمرا جراية متاكلش شعير
مثقفة وحلوة ومتخرجة وياعيني برستيج معين بس مليهاش علاقة بالعالم الخارجي الا من خلال نافذتي

يعني مظهر وخلاص

اييييييييه لو بنحكي معاش بنسكت وف الاخير مش رح تفهمي ولو حاولتي تفهمي حتدوخي ونقعدو ف دائرة مفرغة

واللي يفهم يفهمنا

a_akak said...

I have to say, I enjoyed reading your article and its true in many ways

I believe there is a lot of double standards in our society and I can understand the source of frustration which is justified

I think interaction between males and females in the new work setup is part of work and if trust is there then it should be ok, however, trust is vital here

Friends? hmmmmmmmm but i would ask you the same question, would you be 100% comfortable if your husband/fiancée was going out with a female friend? Jealousy is a part of us no matter how we try to hide it

Anyway ... I cant find within me the clear answer but I think we guys have the same question ""Can we guys ever understand girls???"

Fe Aman Allah

StarLit said...

Thanks NasimLibya for your comment, wa 3endik el 7ag , if we're going to talk about this, we will never stop!

A_akak, I totally agree with the jelousy part, that's why i said being friends should only be limited to work space, not more than this,when one of the affected parts ( male or a female) is engaged or married.

Meme said...

what would you say if i tell you that a guy proposed to me once his only "shar6" was marrying a staying home doctor and guess what? he is a doctor.
sweety our brains are different ....we cann't understand them nor they can...but i believe that there's "7ekma" behind this.

Romana said...

And I dont think we ever will!!! I have come to a realization that we are simply born to be so different, but have to manage to co-exsist!

on the edge said...

As crazy as this may sound , what a boring world this would be if we DID understand men , lol ! No mystery ? OMG ! Hope your Eid was good . OTE

DARKanis said...

بالنسبة لي انا ، المهم بنت عائلة ومؤدبة ، وبنات ليبيا كلهم حلوين وباقي الحاجات اختيارية لك واعتقد ان حتى البنت لها رأى بأن تقبل الزوج او لا


LazyGirl said...

لا اسمى هذا عدم فهم لعقلية الرجال.
المسألة واضحة تماما لأنه لا يحترم زوجات (وأخوات) الاخرين فهو لا يتوقع أن يحترم الاخرين زوجته
فالحل أن يبقيها بالبيت ولا يسمح لها بالخروج والعمل.

الاسلام يأمر المرأة بالاحتشام
وكذلك يامر الرجال والنساء بغض البصر.

Lebeeya said...

This topic opens up a can of worms... errr... for the first time, it's better I stay quiet!

Happy New Year ya binit!! <3